Do I have value?

I can get depressed really fast. And that’s not a good thing. There are those times in my life when I feel I’m totally worthless and incomplete. I think that is because I lose sight of who I am. And I mean to say this in the most humblest way possible, because I am “somebody” today, not because of what I did, or what I have, but because of who God is. Weird right? Now, nobody calls themself worthy because of something they haven’t done (unless its that somebody in your class who takes credit for all the projects you did).

I spoke to a good friend of mine today, and he told me how he was feeling upset and worthless because of his past life, and that he felt he was up to no good. As I began to encourage him, I realized how easily that could happen to any one of us. I mean, we’re good at getting depressed right? We’re good at condemning ourselves and determining our self-worth, right?

Genesis 1 talks about this mighty God creating the entire universe, forming it from nothing, and bringing life to it, and more.

Fast forward to Ephesians 1 : 4 “..He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world….” whoa!
: 5 ” adopted us as sons” whoa!
: 7 “redeemed, forgiven according to His riches..” whoa!
: 11 “obtained an inheritance …” whoa!
this list just goes on and on !!

You know what?

“Your worth is not defined by you, but by the one who created you, and gave His life for you!”


Why is the book of Romans the need today?

Ah! Romans! That letter from Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit towards the churches in Rome. Written probably in and around A.D 57, this book can speak life into brokenness, and I am speaking from experience. After all, this is the LIVING WORD OF GOD. It has life and continues to breathe life into everyone who seeks The Truth.

Mind you, I am no Bible teacher, but I am willing to write this to you my dearest readers because studying Romans is the need of the hour. No other letter from God speaks so explicitly about what God has made available to us through His Son and no other letter from God demands such great an amount of trust and faith in the Almighty.

Just read Romans 1:16 and 17,

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

‘Greek’ here means us, or everyone who is not Jewish by birth.

The Gospel – The power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.
The righteousness of God – revealed by faith.

I mean, Chapter 1 itself focuses on how much you and I are heirs to have the righteousness of God manifested on to us just by faith. Faith in GOD, not in anything you or I can do.

No teacher, guru, mentor or leader will ever tell you that you can win FREEDOM, GRACE, ETERNITY, SALVATION, AND HOPE by just trusting in them. Period.

Read Romans dude. I am too. You need it. I need it. Continous confirmation from this God-breathed Word that we are loved not by our ‘good deeds’, but by continuous trust in HIM.

Stay blessed!

Why twoface?

Hi, I would have loved to reveal my name, but I think I’ll keep that for later.

I’ve seen people write blogs, and be amazing at it.

I’m better than all of them. It’s just that I find it challenging to put my thoughts down on paper.

I am aged 24, born and raised in Dubai and love every moment spent in this beautiful city.

So, now, Why twoface?

Well, that’s who I was until recently. I loved putting on masks (two faces) and acting as if everything was alright when it wasn’t. Today, I’ve chosen to come out and share my story because I know that there are many out there, who are way better off and well settled than I am but lack the passion required to pursue what they love.

My only desire from this blog is to be an impact, and stand in the gap for a generation that needs each other more than ever.